Monday, April 03, 2006

"Heroin Is A Heavy Hat" - 1998

"All Pumped Up" - 1998

Our Heroin(e) Stumbles - 1998
Mixed media; dimensions variable
Vicinity of 16th & Mission, San Francisco

After midnight on the night I struck my "Dhghmunculus" installation (see below) from The Lab, I reconfigured some of the materials from that installation into new sculptures. These new sculptures, primarily figurative, referenced heroin addiction and social "success," both within the context of development of a communal future. I installed 7 or 8 of these figures/groupings on sidewalks, alleyways & plazas in the close vicinity of the intersection of 16th & Mission, a place where I've seen several of my friends wrestle with their own addictions & aspirations.


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